About The Alliance

Board of Directors

The Discovery Clean Water Alliance was formed through an Interlocal framework established under the Joint Municipal Utility Services Act (JMUSA), RCW 39.106. Interlocal Formation Agreement (IFA) Section IV.B provides for a Board of Directors to serve as a governing body for the Alliance. IFA Section IV.A and the adopted Board Rules and Operating Procedures provide for the appointment of one elected official from each Member agency to serve on the Alliance Board of Directors for a term determined by the Member. An annual Director election of Board Officers is held at the first regular meeting of each year and each Board Officer serves a one-year term in the position, from the date appointed.

Ron Onslow,
Ron Onslow, City of Ridgefield

Alliance Vice-Chair
Ridgefield Councilor
Alternate: Lee Wells

Julie Olson,
Julie Olson, Clark County

Alliance Director
Clark County Councilor
Alternate: None Assigned

Shane Bowman,
Shane Bowman, City of Battle Ground

Alliance Board Chair
Battle Ground Councilmember
Alternate: Troy McCoy

Norm Harker,
Norm Harker, Clark Regional Wastewater District
Alliance Secretary
District Commissioner
Alternate: Neil Kimsey

Member Representatives

For more information, please contact the appropriate partner representative listed below.

City of Battle Ground

City of Battle Ground
Mark Herceg, P.E.
Public Works Director
(360) 342-5042
Contact by email